Questions, Answers, Questions….

Why should I trust you?

My reputation is built on my credibility. If you are not thrilled with my service you don’t pay me. Honestly. You have no risk, customers to gain, and nothing to loose.

But I don’t know anything about Social Media or what is right for me?

Great! That is why I am here. I will make sure you are not wasting time or money on anything that is not right for your business. Every business is different. Only pay for what your business really needs.

I am not sure if I can afford you.

I am still building my portfolio so for a short time I am able to offer a professional product for very reasonable pricing. Please allow me the opportunity to show you what you can afford.

Why should I choose you to make my website, blog, or business Facebook page?

Because I will take the time to learn exactly what you need. I will come and sit down with you and together we will plan your site the way your want it.

But what if I don’t know anything about websites, SEO, or even what I need?

You do not need any computer or technical knowledge at all. I’m the expert. This is what I spend my time learning so that you don’t need to.

What do I need first?

You need a domain name. Tell me what name you would like and I will search it for you.

What else do I need?

You need a place to put your website. This space is provided by a Web Host. Ideally, you want a web host service that has a proven track record for reliability with servers in multiple locations. I provide that for you.

What is Web Hosting?

It is space or bandwidth on the web. You can get hosting for free that has banners and pop-ups on your site. Or, you can pay and only advertise your own business. Every single letter on your website needs to be stored on a server which takes space. Every letter is one byte, and a megabyte is one million bytes. Your website might look very small but if you right click and view the page source on a simple web page you will see oodles and oodles of bytes.

How do I get my stuff up on the web?

You hire someone trustworthy, reliable, and local, like me.

What about e-mail?

I set that up for you.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Leave the techy stuff to me and if you have any questions, please ask me whatever you want. I will make sure you are delighted with your new website or blog.