EDreamsDesign has brought these businesses to life online.

How Much Control Do You Want Over Your Business Website?

No input – to full control – is a spectrum that EDreamsDesign is comfortable with. Each of these business owners has different needs for their site. Some wanted their site created from start to finish. Others wanted the infrastructure built for their site so that they could take complete control. Another wanted a business website fully developed with a blog ready for their own posts. Each business owner has unique needs for their site. Plus, every business owner also needs a responsive website.

Make Sure Your Website is Responsive

What Does That Mean?

A responsive site looks good no matter what device you look at it on. Having a responsive site is what sets your site apart from an amateur or do it yourself site and a professional site. Most responsive sites cost thousands of dollars. I bridge that gap between a team of experts working on your site and a professional site scaled down for small local business owners.

Make Sure Your Host Has Multiple Servers

I hear it again and again.

You get what you pay for in hosting. Don't try to find the cheapest deal. It isn't worth the aggravation if something goes wrong.

Shop Around

Talk to lots of different web developers and designers.

Price should not be how you base your decision. You should feel that your website designer "gets you" and your vision for your site.